A User Guide On Owens Corning Siding

This article deals with the nittie gritties of Owen Corning Siding. It doesn't need to be painted even if it is scratched. There are many other intriguing features. Read On! Owens Corning offers many different vinyl siding lines. Design options include horizontal and vertical siding; traditional clapboard and authentically detailed "shaped" sidings; wide and narrow panel exposures; and smooth, subtle and deep wood grain textures. Plus you can choose from a wide assortment of traditional and contemporary colors

All You Wanted to Know on Owens Corning Siding

Owens Corning vinyl siding doesn't need painting, so you save time and money in development costs. There's never a need to scrape paint, patch stucco or replace rotting boards. The color you see on the surface goes completely through Owens Corning vinyl siding - so you will not see a different color if the siding is scratched. This is very important as it drastically reduces your maintenance expenses. You don't need to worry about changing your sidings the next time your kid scratches the wall or you chip off a part of the wall while redecorating your house.

To keep your Owens Corning vinyl siding looking like new, simply spray it occasionally with a garden hose. For tougher dirt, it is recommended to clean it with a mild soap solution. Durable construction means Owens Corning vinyl siding will stand up to the elements, no matter what type of climate.

Owens Corning Siding: It Doesn't need Painting!

Over the years, you won't have to worry about additional upkeep costs because Owens Corning vinyl siding won't rot, peel, warp or harbor insects like wood or dent like aluminum.

Your building material dealer or contractor will be able to help you compute how much vinyl siding you'll need with a few simple measurements.

Owens Corning siding has a vast number of brands that range from sidings which emphasize on performance and durability to a range which brings out the beauty in the most simplest of things, to the range which is as beautiful as cedar but requires very little maintenance, to ranges which emphasize on the beauty of old heritage homes. Owens Corning Siding's diversity extends to three more choices: The Essential Vinyl Siding Collection, the Norandex/ Reynolds Siding & Accessories, and the VYTEC Collection.

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