Cable TV Stays on Technologys Cutting Edge

Although television technologies like TiVo and Apple TV have had the capability to access the Internet and stream content like YouTube, internet videos and even podcasts onto your home television sets for a few months now, cable TV is now catching up. Cable TV providers like Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon recently announced that they would have similar technology in place in the very near future. With this service, you could search for and watch user uploaded videos via your cable television equipment. This would allow your average television viewer to access video content that has been relegated to computer users up until now.

Since YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the web, 60% of all videos viewed on the web are watched on YouTube, and commands a 29% share of all US multimedia, it is absolutely necessary for the cable television industry to have the ability to access YouTube's vast video data stores.

Verizon is using its latest fiber optic technology to offer super fast internet service, as well as a rather basic cable television plan. The cable TV plan is expected to get boosted out of the ordinary with Verizon's announcement that they are currently working with Intel to create a Games on Demand service. Verizon is also expected to offer YouTube video access via its television network, as well as its wireless phone service.

Comcast recently released a Beta version of its video site, in which users can upload their own home movies and videos. These may appear on a video-on-demand type service at a later point. Though it doesn't seem that Comcast will be accessing YouTube for its videos at this time, it will be interesting to see if their user submitted video service will eventually be able to rival YouTube. It would definitely be a coup to reach YouTube's 65,000+ uploads per day!

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