Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps protect your cargo or truck loaded with goods. There are canvas tarps, of outdoor canopies, bed tents, poly tarps, pipes, fittings, and tent accessories. The canopies and tents are made from waterproof, UVI resistant fabrics. Canvas tarps are come in many color range and patterns.

Tarpaulins (tarps) made of canvas that is one of the most versatile tarps today. These tarps are strong enough to resist any condition they are flame retardant, water resistant, and mildew resistant. Canvas tarps are come in high quality and fire resistant in many sizes.

Tarps are manufactured to the highest specifications and even exceed the NFPA 701 standards. All of the flame resistant tarps are certified by the California State Fire Marshall and are marked as CPAI - 84 compliant. Flame retardant Lumber tarps come in a variety of weights, colors, strengths, and sizes.

Canvas is used to protect furniture, carpets and other items while painting inside or outside. The other advantage of canvas tarps is that they can be used over and over again. Canvas tarps are heavy and will stay in place without a lot of complicated taping and securing, and fit well over curved surfaces. They are usually less slippery than disposable plastic tarps, so they are also safer as there is less chance of injury due to falls.

Tarps can also use for landscaping as well. Lightweight waterproof tarps are perfect for protecting grass or plants during snowstorms.

Many of the finest tents are made of canvas. Adventurous and inventive campers can make their own camping accommodations with canvas tarps, straps and a few poles. These structures will provide shade, will be water and wind resistant, and are a fraction as a regular tent. Canvas tarps are versatile and cost effective. They can be used in many diverse situations and are sturdy and dependable.

There are Canopy kit, Carnival event, Fiesta party tents, Valance canopies, fittings and accessories for canvas tarps.

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