Computer Security Cables

Computer security cables are used to ensure the physical security of a computer. Several types of computer security cables are available. There are black, putty and heavy duty computer high strength security cables. Computer security cables are a very effective method of preventing computer losses. A desktop or notebook secured with a lock and cable prevents a thief from walking off with your property and data.

Computer security cables are available in the market at varying prices. A unique black shell design with overlapping seams, coupled with a crimp ferrule strain relief results in both protection against leakage and enhanced mechanical strength. These features ensure a highly reliable cable that will pass the most severe emissions testing, while providing years of trouble free service. It also saves cost and adds an alternative cable entry direction.

A unique stamped steel internal enclosure offers hundred percent shielding and a strong strain relief. Cable assemblies with inline or reverse entry connector orientation can be produced with modest minimum requirements. Computer security cables give the equipment protection from theft.

Steel cables are not the most attractive cables. There are adhesive mount cables. Specially designed plates are affixed to your computer case, your monitor is safe with a strong adhesive compound and the cables are then threaded through loops in the plates and secured with a padlock. Fiber optic cables are also widely used.

Security cables can be chosen from PC security cables, laptop security cables and unique solid mounts using steel security plates with super adhesives. A variety of locking devices include case locks to protect the CPU. It is advisable to choose from computer security cables that let you add security plates to secure all your peripherals on one cable. These systems use straight end cable assembly.

Security cables are available in a variety of lengths. Most security cables are coated with clear vinyl. Laptop security cables are an inexpensive way to protect a laptop from being stolen. Standard, medium sized and thick security cables are available.

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