Installilng Cable Modems

Installing a cable modem is very easy. All you need to have is a splitter and a new set of cables. First, you must separate the wires with the splitter. One segment created by the splitter goes to your modem and the modem is connected to your computer.

There are a lot of ways to install your cable modem. The easiest way is to take advantage of the Universal Serial Bus or USB interface installed on your computer. You have to check if you actually have USB capability, and if you donít, then you can always install one. Another option is to use data-interface that is the commonly used method for cable modems. The common data-port interface is 10Mbps Ethernet. The cable modem will never keep up with a 10Mbps Ethernet, since there are many users partaking in the downstream.

If you are not a do-it-yourself guy and would rather a professional do it for you, you may call your local cable technician who will assist you with the setup. The price of installation is an important issue; cable television operators and manufacturers attempt to downsize the cost to get a wider customer base and thereby gain larger profits. This structure benefits both the cable televison operator and the customer at the receiving end of the system.

Once installed, you can start enjoying the many benefits of the new function of your Cable TV. Please be aware that there are laws and regulations that govern against unauthorized access to cable TV networks.

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