Long Distance Carriers

Long distance carriers help us connect with our friends and relatives. There are a number of long distance carriers in the market who can be differentiated by the rates they charge and the level of customer service they provide. All long distance companies use fiber optic networks to transport calls. They all use a similar kind of fiber optic network, and only differ in billing and customer service. Depending upon your call frequency, you can choose a plan that fits your requirements.

Choosing a long distance carrier is not a very easy job. As mentioned earlier, there are multiple companies ready to lure customers with attractive and so-called beneficial tariff plans. Though most of them offer a great deal of benefits, there are some who are dishonest. Long distance carrier rates vary as per the distance you are calling. It can either be interstate or intrastate. Interstate calls are out-of-state calls, and intra state calls are in state but outside your local calling zone. So long distance rates for in-state calls may be different from out of state calls, and long distance calls made within your area code may be higher than both.

Apart from looking at the tariff plan, you also need to check if there are any hidden charges. Lot of companies offer great call charges but have heavy hidden costs. These companies offers monthly plans which have unlimited calling for a flat monthly fee. Long distance carriers can be very cost effective if you choose the right plan. You can also convert your small carrier into a long distance carrier if you have high usage and you get a plan which fits your requirements.

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