My Favourite Christmas Memories

One of the things I love about Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. The tree is normally put up the first week in December. I never get tired of watching the twinkling lights.

I favour an artificial tree instead of a real tree. I cannot bring myself to killing a real tree merely to use for such a short time. But I say each to there own, and a lot of people love real Christmas trees.

We used to pull the ancient beaten box down out from the loft. But last year I went out and bought a new fibre optic tree, with stars on the ends and all twinkling (each to their own).

When the tree is up, this would be the time I would bring out the lights and get down to checking for burnt fuses. I'd find and pull out each dead bulb and replace them and straighten the lights out.

Once they all worked ok. I'd disconnect them and start to string them around the tree one string at a time. The best way is to start at the bottom just inside the tree closest the pole. And bit by bit thread your way to the front then come up to the next level and carry on until the lights are coiled to the top. But since I now have a fibre optic tree I don't need to do this any more.

I plug the tree into the socket and it is always a kick as the tree lights up. Next is to get the box that holds all the decorations. Positioning the ornaments so that they reflect the light takes a little time. But in no time the ornaments are on and the tree finished.

Then you just have to wait for all the presents to arrange underneath the tree. I always think that adds such a feeling of Christmas. Personally I am of the do not attempt to work out what is inside camp, I just love the surprise of opening my presents Christmas Morning.

I know there are a lot of people who just can't stand to wait, my sister is one of them, she shakes them to see if she can figure it out, I don't know why she bothers, she always ends up opening them in the long run, and then she wraps them back up and places them back under the tree.

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