Sleep Well in Your Green Bedroom

We all know about the benefits of eating organic foods and using eco-friendly free cleaners and other household items, but now this toxin-free existence has extended into other areas of the house. Apparently a tidy, relatively dust-free bedroom just doesn't cut it anymore in today's chemical ridden society.

How green is your rug? Natural products such as jute or wool are the most desirable.

Your bedroom furniture may be oozing toxic gases. Anything composed of particle board or paneling and left unsealed, can emit formaldehyde and has the potential to cause difficulty in breathing, watery eyes, or allergies. Extreme levels have been known to cause cancer in animals and humans.

When you're painting your walls, look for a low VOC brand that contains less toxins. A good rule of thumb is, the stronger the paint smell after you put it on the wall, the higher the level of toxicity.

How many of us are sleeping on an organic bed? An organic bed emits no toxic chemicals and provides a healthy sleep environment.

Most traditional mattresses are made with fire retardant chemicals which seep out, only to be absorbed by our pores and lungs while we are sleeping. After ingesting various chemicals throughout our average day, it gives our bodies a much needed rest if we omit these toxins from our sleeping hours. This is especially true when you consider that people spend about one third of their life in bed.

Some of the common toxins emitted during sleep include:

  • Formaldehyde, a chemical which is used in many adhesives and can cause eye and throat irritation and headaches.

  • Carcinogenic flame-retardants (known as PBDE’s), many of which are banned in Europe and some U.S. States.

  • Decabromodiphenyl Oxide, a brominated flame retardant now being found in women's breast milk.

Here are a few of the green features in organic bedding and mattresses:

  • Natural latex cores wrapped in a natural flame retardant such as cotton or wool

  • Emission-free mattresses that contain neither glue nor adhesives (these can emit toxic fumes for the first 2-3 years)

  • Natural fiber bedding that not only breathes, but naturally resists dust mites

  • Any cotton material used in the production of the bedding should be unbleached. Traditional cotton is not an acceptable choice due to its exposure to large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers prior to harvesting.

  • No PBDE’s (fire retardants)

  • Hypo-allergenic

  • Made in a chemical-free manufacturing plant

Various affordable green mattress retailers include IKEA, Cozypure, Gaiam Greensleep/Vimala and EcoChoices.

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