The Benefits of an LED Christmas Tree

The high cost of energy these days and environmentalists have been advising us for years to reduce energy consumption especially during the Holiday Season.

The "green" revolution started over 20 years ago with the re-using of Christmas wrapping paper and reducing paper product use however the most energy is consumed by Christmas tree lights and lit decorations during the holiday season.

Rising energy costs can add upwards to thousands of kilowatt usage and an extra hundred dollars to your electric bill. The more lights you use the higher the cost and it all adds up over the Christmas season. In addition energy consumption must be reduced now not later even if it is just for the cost of higher energy rates we are being charged today.

Using high efficiency LED lights or a Pre-Lit Light Emitting diode type Christmas Tree will save you over 80 percent off your electric bill this year and for years to come.

There are cheaper lights to purchase however; you will have to add in the costs of operating them over the season which does not make for a bargain in your purchasing power. The durability factor comes into play when you consider most light sets break, burn out, crack or fade in a very short time so that indeed you will be replacing the whole strand of lights for one bulb. This is a waste of your hard earned dollars and a waste of too much energy consumption.

Similar to solar outdoor lighting Light Emitting Diode Christmas tree lights give consumers a new and clean way to reduce energy consumption while still enjoying a beautiful Christmas tree that highlights and displays your home decorations.

In addition, the LED Christmas tree is pre-lit for convenience and a time saver during those busy holiday shopping days where there just is not much time.

The durability of LED Christmas trees is exemplified by the way they are manufactured. There are no fragile fragments or tubes, which easily break even when you are installing them on a tree and before you even light the tree. The LED Christmas tree is resistant to heat or cold making an ideal choice for warmer climates where you can display your Christmas tree outdoors or in the lanai area for instance in sunny Florida or California.

These tree lights burn very cool they do not produce heat therefore they are a great choice for fire safety in your home. Even if your dog topples the tree while you are away from home, it will not cause a fire hazard.

A lumen is a measurement or light produced and as regular bulbs are only at 15 lumens, an LED produces anywhere from 55 to 131 lumens per watt, which means more light at less cost.

LED Fiber Optic Trees:

This type of fiber optic Christmas Tree is available in clear or colorful lights and come in assorted sizes from 4 feet for smaller ceiling heights or for placing on a table to 10 foot heights, which will be accommodated with a higher ceiling in your home. The width of the tree is also proportioned to the height of the tree for a very eye-catching display for your holiday enjoyment.

Today the Fiber Optic Trees are the safest and most up to date energy efficient choice for the homeowner and commercial decorations.

As well, the brighter lights last much longer than traditionally pre-lit trees.

The highly efficiently Fiber Optic Trees do not require the use of a motor to operate the color displayed. Previously the fiber optic Christmas Trees made use of colored wheels, which rotate on a motor and were made of less durable and quality materials.

The multi-lighting effects can be obtained by the press of a button on the power cords of this Christmas Tree.

This year promise yourself to cut down on energy consumption for the planet and for your home by considering an LED Fiber Optic or LED Pre-Lit Christmas Tree and enjoy your holidays.

Written By : Teri Salvador

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