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Know Before You Dig and Dangers of Underground Lines

Mankind in building the infrastructure of civilizations is constantly burying in our problems in an attempt to simplify things and tidy up. Indeed, this is much similar to those who bury things under the carpet. Of course we realize things like power lines, water mains, telephone lines, fiber optic cables and sewer lines are probably better underground to leave space for ourselves. Yet in doing so we often duplicate our infrastructure lines, we overlay and we are constantly capping off and burying a new.

Each year new developments are put over old ones, which have left their underground lines under and foundations prior to the new. As we study ancient civilizations, we often wonder where they went yet so often they are underneath where we are today. Sometimes you have 10,000 years worth of structures under our current civilizations. In the future this trend will continue as the population bases expand and we run out of a those best locations. We must realize that decaying lead water pipes, sewer lines and electrical lines will contaminate the underground water supplies. In addition when building we may cut some of those old lines which maybe active in delivery to other locations. When this happens there are problems. Many an accident has occurred when digging trenches for new pipes; electrocution from cutting an electrical line, loss of Internet by chopping into a fiber optic cable or god forbid horrific explosion from piercing a gas line.

One company, which makes hoses, Vactor Manufacturing, actually makes hoses with sensors manufactured into the material. By doing this, future diggers will be able to locate underground lines. Easily they are using a patented polymer belt and putting the sensors in between the layers. I propose such tactics to protect builders and trench makers in the construction industry be used on a wider basis for all types of underground lines. If we do this and are meticulous about it, we can do better, in our ESRI databases so we have accurate information before we dig. Additionally we have the ultimate way to check, as the sensors well tell us these lines are there all by themselves. Think on this.

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