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The Basics of the Comcast Cable Company

Comcast Cable has grown to become the largest cable service provider in the United States. It was founded back in the 1960s as a local single system cable television provider and is now available almost anywhere that cable TV is offered. With an ever growing array of competition it is interesting to note how Comcast Cable is able to lead nearly all its markets.

Available in over thirty states, itís a safe bet that if one of those stateís residence subscribes to cable that they are using Comcast. Born as a television company, home entertainment is still its primary concern. Overall they service over twenty million homes with cable television. Furthermore they provide digital cable service to almost another ten million homes.

During the last decade the technology thatís been made available to homes has grown at such a staggering rate that it has allowed companies like Comcast to expand into providing other services. Personal computers, for instance, never would have offered a market to Comcast cable when they first began entering homes. Then came the advent of the internet. Faster computers and larger amounts of data called for speedier internet connections that dial up providers couldnít possibly provide. Taking advantage of this new market, cable companies were able to offer their own brand of internet service which can currently offer speeds a hundred times faster then its dial up predecessor.

Comcast cable internet came to exist and it now provides high speed cyberspace access to almost eight million customers. That number represents over one third of their television subscribers which is quite staggering given how fresh the technology really is. Just think how slowly cable grew when introduced as a television service; no one wanted to pay for something that they were already getting for free. Initially cable internet had the same reaction with people not wanting to pay double the price for faster data transfer. But those numbers clearly show that the idea has definitely caught on.

Another boost for their consumer base came with the advent of the cable telephone alternative. While that idea has yet to catch on with most people being satisfied with their existing services, Comcast has still managed to attract over a million clients to this service.

Other business ventures from Comcast Cable includes several of their own channels. These include the Golf Channel, PBS Kids Sprout and TV One. Comcast even has four Comcast Sportsnets. Outside the communications ring, they also have a majority ownership in a company that has a lot of holdings. Some of these are sports teams in hockey, football and basketball; also they own two large multipurpose arenas in Philadelphia where Comcast is based.

Comcast cable has become a staple of the American communication world. Their employees are numbered at over seventy thousand people. As a company they continue to look to the future for new opportunities and ventures to offer their customers.

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