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Today communication and technology have reached new heights. Various types of electrical devices can be connected to laptops, computers and mobile phones. A special port is installed in these devices from where a USB connector is attached. The other end of the port is connected to external devices such as printers and scanners.

USB is an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus. USB connectors are used to connect different types of USB cables with all standard compatible USB ports. USB cables are primarily used for data transfer. Data transfer speeds may vary from 12 Mbps in version 1.1 and up to 480 Mbps in version 2.0. USB ports can be also used to connect numerous computer accessories by substituting their particular cables with USB connectors.

USB connectors are available in various configurations. These are widely used to connect two different USB products. They can also be used to connect peripherals to other standard port types. USB connectors provide connectivity to different systems and make possible transfer and translation of data between two separate USB ports.

Among the various types of USB connectors available in the market, the most popular ones are serial to USB connectors, parallel to USB connectors, RJ11 USB connectors and USB Ethernet connectors. Several of these connectors can be mounted directly onto PC boards and are often called USB motherboard connectors or internal USB connectors. However, this variety takes up space and is cumbersome to install.

Panel USB connectors do not need to be mounted upon the PC board. These are attached to the front of the PC board and are also known as USB front panel connectors and front USB connectors. Connectors are designed in definite male-to-male or female-to-female adapters. These may also be made to order as per requirements. Straight and right angle connector types are also available for specific needs.

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