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Rapid Fire Laser Bullet Firing Mechanism

Is it possible to make a high-powered laser machine gun that uses no gun powered and fires the bullets in such rapid succession that there is no worry of barrel melt down or missing your target? Would such a laser finding, aiming and firing machine gun type rapid-fire system be a worthy invention to protect our nation’s most important assets?

I propose we build one to determine if the concept is doable and a viable way to design a better defensive weapon. The Rapid Fire Laser Bullet Firing Mechanism “RFLF” could solve many problems and be a much safer system. Even the bullets themselves would be safe to transport or store in a weapons cache.

How would this RFLF system work? Well, there would be Argon Gas or CO2 Foam in the bottom cup of each bullet. The bullets would have a fiber optic center surrounded by copper inside of the center, which would be fairly small and surrounded by a center punch hardened interior. The fiber optic main centerpiece would go through the center of all the bullets lined up in the chamber end to end. As one bullet fired the bullet underneath it would melt the tip and push the fiber back to wires on either side inside the bullet body to the argon foam cup, as it fired it would melt the tip of the next bullet firing it and so on. Once you let off the laser fire button or a robotic firing mechanism stopped firing, the system would stop at whatever bullet it was on. Each round would contain additional on-impact explosives if appropriate for the application. The top of the tip around the melted center of the tip would be made of sapphire from a lab:

This system is preferable due to the fact that there is not shell to discard or produce. As a space weapon there is not needed for storage of extra shells or weight to take into orbit and there is no space debris from the expended shells. Also since the bullets would glow, you have every bullet as a tracer round. Think on this.

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