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US Pak Relation - A Deep Insight

We recently heard of US to ban military aid to Pakistan. This act of the US has raised a lot questions.

The underlying truth of US-Pak relation seems to be somewhat different.

After the September 9/11 attack on US, both the country seemed to take pledge to start a war against the terrorism.

The US contacted Pakistan and asked for a helping hand to continue the war against the terrorism.

US requested Pakistan to halt the Taliban to enter into its territory and help US to eradicate Taliban from Afghanistan.

But the interrelation of Pakistan and Afghanistan too, has always been ambiguous. When Pakistan, now, is not able to halt the Taliban from stopping its activity in Pakistan, US have decided to ban military support aid t Pakistan.

The underlying question is why US initiated a war against terrorism with a country which does not have a good reputation when it comes to ‘terrorism’.

The Pakistan ambassador accepts that whatever results may come after discussion from US, the reason behind this is, Pakistan could not achieve an image of a country where terrorism is prohibited. So, this is the only reason behind all this fuss.

Pakistan, however, has been proved a major player to eradicate Taliban from Afghanistan with the consent of US.

But today, US have a number of issues against Pakistan that proves there is always been something wrong between these two countries. Only the time can tell about the future of such relationship that is not permanent and subject to vanish when conditions and situations change.

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