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Best Beijing Duck Houses in Beijing

Beijing duck is such a yummy food that no visitor to Beijing should miss it. But which is the best duck house?

There are five Beijing duck houses almost equally popular and loved by tourists. Actually, in a recent magazine poll, these five names also dominate the top positions. They all carry a different theme.

Historical and Unique Recipe: Bian Yi Fang Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing duck price: ¥80

Bian Yi Fang was founded in 1855, a pioneer in Beijing duck. However their Beijing duck recipe is different from most of the duck houses in Beijing. They use oven heat instead of actual fire. This method is meant for environmental as well as making the duck meat more tender and juicy.

Typical Old Beijing Feel: Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing duck price: ¥80

Li Qun is hidden inside a hutong, making it difficult to be found. However many tourists do make an effort to find it. Best is to take a taxi and then hire a rickshaw.

Li Qun has nothing five-star, but a typical old Beijing feel - red lanterns, open garden and courtyard. It is always full plus a long waiting line. Over 90% of their guests are foreigners.

New Generation: King of Duck Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing duck price: ¥48

“New Generation Ruler of the Century-old Duck Empire” – this is the slogan of King of Duck. They are running six shops since the first one opened in 1997.

They claim to do an old dish in a new style. You’ll find this to be a new-generation Beijing duck house. The Beijing duck they produce is almost out of fat.

Traditional and Well-known: Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing duck price: ¥168 / ¥70 per one-person dish

Quanjude nowadays operates under franchise. The shop at Qianmen is the original one. Foreign rulers visiting Beijing usually come here.

Founded in 1864, Quanjude is the most famous Beijing duck house for sure. Somehow there is an equal mark between Quanjude and Beijing duck.

Academic: Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing duck price: ¥98

Da Dong is nearby the embassy district in Beijing and is loved by ambassadors. You would always find British and Japanese ambassador entertaining their guests here.

Da Dong’s owner has an MBA degree, the only person with such qualification in the catering industry of Beijing. They have a booklet on each of their dining table to tell their guests different ways to eat Beijing duck.

In Beijing, many duck houses are selling at ¥38 per duck. They might not be very well-known, but are doing well. It won’t be difficult to get a good deal.

Beijing ducks are roasted to order, so they are sold as a whole duck. If a restaurant refuses to sell you half or just a dish, they are not mean. If they pre-do a lot of ducks and wait for orders, the Beijing duck won’t be crispy any more.