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Electronic Optical Flow Sensors and Truck Wash Robotics Discussed

Currently in the truck washing robotics manufacturing industry electronic optical flow sensors are not used. Some of the newer systems use optical sensors but not optical flow sensors. The truck washing industry also uses sonar sensors for soap float levels and other things but optical flow sensors have yet not been deployed.

It would make sense that the robotic truck washing industry would look at optical flow sensors because the current roll over systems do not seem to be able to clean the truck more than about 90%. This is because the brushes that go over the truck cannot get into the nooks and crannies such as between the fuel tank and frame or around the smokestacks.

A daisy wheel system, which would resemble a giant household feather duster could be deployed on a long shaft with an optical flow sensor or for optical flow sensors, which were set back 6 feet equal distance apart. The spinning brush would move forward and back and clean between all the nooks and crannies.

Optical flow sensors are currently used in many industries especially unmanned vehicles such as underwater unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles to ensure that the vehicle does not bump into anything. The truck wash manufacturers to design and build robotic title truck launches must use this technology to clean the last 10% of the truck that they are currently unable to clean. Please consider all this in 2006.

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