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High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet is also referred to in the technical world as Broadband Internet access. The short form term used for broadband internet access is "broadband". This type of internet access is very fast in comparison to logging onto the internet with your desktop or laptop computer using dial-up access with a modem.

Dial-up modems are slow because they usually are only capable of a maximum bitrate (rate of transfer of bits of data) of 56 kbit/s (kilobits per second). Even with this small amount of data being transferred, this type of internet access requires the full use of a telephone line. This means that when logged onto the internet with a computer, the telephone line cannot be used for making or receiving telephone calls.

Attempting to call a person on their telephone while they are using the telephone line to access the internet will result in getting a busy signal or voice mail. On the other hand, broadband technologies can handle at the very least double the speed of a dial-up connection and in the majority of cases, do not interfere with the use of the telephone line for phone calls.

In most places in the United States, the technologies for broadband internet access have conformed to particular standards. The technologies being used are DSL and cable modems. There are now some state of the art technologies being used in some regions including VDSL and optical fiber connections. Fiber-optic communication is being used in fiber to the premises and fiber to the curb schemes. Nevertheless, fiber optics have been vitally important in enabling Broadband Internet access because of the fact that it makes transmission of information over larger distances much more cost-effective than copper wire technology. The cost of copper has drastically increased over recent years.

An enormous technological challenge has been to broadband internet access service to potential customers in regions of the country where there is relatively low population density. This includes areas large uninhabited expanses of land such as farm or ranch lands. In urban cities and town where the population density is high, there are Higher Speed Internet users to help the internet service provider to recover equipment costs.

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